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The last several years have brought lots of change, particularly in how our family has grown. We just added baby number four to our family. Life is full and the only thing consistent is change. Just when we think we have a rhythm or start to feel like we have things figured out something shifts or changes. It seems the one thing I can count on in motherhood is change.

It seems this is a common theme for many and what everyone is seeking and working to find is balance. Sometimes I wonder if balance in motherhood really exists. Does anyone ever really find it? Is it just a theoretical concept we are all trying to grasp in the midst of an intense season?

I've been asking these questions of myself and my friends. Everyone is on a different journey and yet there are so many similarities for mamas with little ones. Motherhood is a beautiful and intense season.

This is why I am revamping a bit of what this blog is about.

When I started this blog I had two small children. I really wanted to teach them about whole foods and start them off with a nourishing diet. I was able to do this. My girls at all kinds of crazy things that I never ate until I was in my 30's. I was so proud. I thought I had it figured out. I was feeling pretty confident about my ability to feed my girls well. AND then school happened. All of a sudden they learned about all kinds of new things. AND then I had my third girl who is all things fiery and refuses most vegetables. *gulp* Confidence that I had it figure out plummeted.

This is when I had some enlightenment. I cannot control it all. Yep. I apparently have a little control freak hidden inside of me. It only reared it's head when it came to motherhood. Interesting.

This is why I really put my energies into mamas. I know how hard it is. The battles are real. But mamas let's take care of ourselves in the midst of this season. If we aren't healthy and well, no one in our family will be healthy and well. We hold the key.

Let's take care of ourselves and set examples for our children. It won't be easy but it will be worth it.

With all that said, some things on this blog will shift.

I mean hey it's been forever since I've posted recipes on here. That was my original intention. Recipes for kids.

But then life kept happening and I realized my gifting isn't recipe creation and beautiful food presentations.

I still value this and need fresh ideas for my family but I don't have endless hours available to play in the kitchen for recipe development. Maybe someday but right now I need easy. I need quick. I need recipe ideas that are already created by someone else.

That's why I haven't posted on here for so long. I haven't had bursts of creativity in the kitchen lately. I have friends that do that well and I have so much appreciation for them and love to taste test their goodness. It's just not where I am right now.

My strength is to guide mamas into a nourished place.

My desire is to navigate the waters of life and find a place that is sustainable. The waves will still be there but it's about learning to ride them and not drown.

Mamas this is my passion. This is my journey.

Stay tuned for posts to encourage you in your health journey..............


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