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Recovering Vegetarian

Ever have one of those moments where you realize how much you've changed in a certain area of life? I'm having one of those moments today. I've been a little quiet the last few weeks.
When I first started my blog and this page I was an avid vegetarian. People wanted to follow my blog and page because I was talking about how to do life during pregnancy and with kids as vegetarians. I posted a lot of dairy free alternatives and that was a draw to people as well. My kids were vegetarian. I had tackled two pregnancies and nursing seasons all being vegetarian. It worked. I felt great. I was thriving.

AND then all of a sudden I wasn't.

I got pregnant with baby 3 and it was HARD (which is putting it mildly). I could hardly get off the couch and usually when I did it was to run to the bathroom because I was so, so sick. I was miserable. After spending way to much time on the bathroom floor I attempted all the tricks. NONE of them helped. I've never been so sick in all my life. I had previously been one of those women that loved being pregnant. Not any more.

I was sick for about 24 weeks of my pregnancy. Real sick. Like wear a painters mask if I attempted to make dinner because all the smells made me throw up. I couldn't open the fridge. In fact because I couldn't bear to open the fridge a dear friend came over one day to clean my fridge and oh the things she found. It was gross. 

Then one day my husband and I were out to dinner and I was doing all I could to hold it together. He ordered steak and when it arrived I decided I needed his dinner instead of mine. He resisted for a bit because he thought I was losing my mind. I hadn't eaten meat in so long and he thought I would just ed up throwing up right there in the middle of the party. 

Long story short he gave me his dinner and I devoured it. I tried all the other tricks and nothing was working to help me feel better so I decided to see if eating meat helped. 

Sure enough. I started eating meat and I started feeling a little better. It wasn't an instant cure but I noticed a shift. 

For an avid vegetarian this was hard. I had never liked meat so figuring out how to eat it was a challenge. Slowly I started to figure it out. AND i started to feel better. I couldn't believe it. I was grateful and also a little hesitant to share to the world that all of a sudden this long standing, plant based diet girl was now becoming a carnivore. 

As I'm sure you can imagine the teasing that ensued. 

I am so thankful that I was wiling to listen to the internal promptings my body was giving and not stay stuck in a cycle of eating that had served me well for so long but then needed to change. I could have stayed on my soap box and been stubborn about it {and trust me, I really did want to do that initially}.  I could have not allowed myself to drift out of my "WAY" and "PHILOSOPHY" of eating. 

BUT i didn't stay there. 

I benefited from not staying stuck and being open minded. 

I chuckle a little at all his now. Here I am a few years later and on day 21 of Whole 30, which is basically 30 days of meat, vegetables, and fruit. It's a way to reset unhealthy habits and slay your sugar dragon which is apparently whole 30 lingo. 

i think the moral of the story is to be open to change. Change isn't usually easy but the benefits might be surprising. 

If you need help figuring out how to navigate the journey of food i would love to walk alongside you and ask questions and encourage you to feel your best.


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