Helping Women lead a nourished and joyful life

What pictures come to your mind when you think of exercise? 

This word can bring up all kinds of emotions. It often gets thrown in the "should" category.  Life is busy and full and it's easy to start to beat yourself up over what you aren't doing. 

I like to redefine what exercise is for my clients.  I love to move it from the guilt category into the enjoyment category.  We know when we enjoy something we are much more likely to stick with it.  

There is very little you need to incorporate nourishing exercise into your life.  You don't need a gym memberships.  You don't need a fancy home gym.  You don't need to be an athlete or even coordinated.  You don't need tons of expensive, fancy equipment. 

What you need is to find something you love and a way to incorporate that into your life. You need to see how it nourishes your mind, body, and soul.  

Also for you busy mamas out there, I get it.  I know.  I am with you.  It's hard.  But I've found that when I move my body and take care of myself in ways that are nourishing, I feel so much better.  I find I can handle the stresses and demands of motherhood with more patience and ease (or at least more often!).  

I would love to journey with you and help you discover what helps you to thrive.  This is where my passion lies. Helping you uncover what works for you as an individual in the midst of your unique life situations.  It can happen.  I would love to walk along side of you.  

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