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Yoga is about connecting mind and body.

The practice of yoga offers numerous benefits. Yoga can help reduce stress. Yoga helps maintain healthy range of motion for joints, and overall flexibility. Yoga also provides tools for mindfulness.  

Why not have yoga come to you???

Yoga sessions can be done one on one for an individualized approach. These sessions allow for maximum instruction and therapeutic benefit.  These sessions can be focused on meditation, flexibility, breathing, strength, or restorative yoga.

Group Yoga sessions are also available.  Why not have yoga come to you? There is something so convenient about scheduling a yoga session at your place of work.  Sessions can be scheduled during lunch breaks or before or after the work day.  Yoga improves focus, mindfulness, overall health, and productivity.  There are so many benefits of yoga that is seems almost crazy not to have it as an option in the workplace.

Yoga can also be done as private or group sessions in homes.  Think girls night out.  Bachelorette parties.  Kids birthday parties. Yoga and wine night.  Restorative sessions. The options are endless. It's only limited by your creativity.  

Stay tuned for highlighted yoga poses and practices to peak your interest on how yoga can be integrated into daily life.

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